Traffic, Patrol, Investigations


The Support Services Division oversees several specialized groups of officers whose role is to provide support for the Operations Division.

Crash Investigations

All officers assigned to the Traffic Division receive extensive training regarding accident investigation and crash reconstruction. In addition to routine motor vehicle enforcement activities, the officers in the Traffic Division perform the following functions:

  • Investigations

    Respond to routine traffic accidents

  • Targeted speed and safety enforcement

  • Investigate specific traffic hazard complaints

  • Perform serious motor vehicle crash investigations

  • Plan and coordinate DWI checkpoints

  • Plan and coordinate traffic control for local parades, road races, and fundraising walks

  • Perform child safety seat inspections

  • Oversee the purchasing and installation of all traffic control devices and signs

  • Represent the local Traffic Authority interests in roadway projects

  • Investigate site plan and certificate of occupancy compliance issues

  • Maintain the fleet of police vehicles and vehicle equipment


Parking and Towing Violations Appeals

InvestigationsCrime Investigations

The Cheshire Police Department Investigative Division handles all major investigations. Detectives in this division are trained in crime scene processing, video and photographic techniques, evidence collection, interview and interrogation, and numerous other related specialties.

They have successfully handled almost every type of crime, including homicides, armed robberies, embezzlements, burglaries, and sexual assaults.

In addition, they maintain contact with all other law enforcement agencies and detectives from area departments to exchange information in order to facilitate the apprehension of individuals responsible for committing crimes in Cheshire.

Crime Victim Resources

Victim Services
Victim Services - Spanish
Rights of Crime Victims

Protective Order Registry 

Support Services

Lt Fred Jortner
Office: 203 271-5539
Fax: 203 271-5536

Sgt Donald Miller
203 271-5538

Crash Investigation

Ofc. Kevin Zaksewicz
203 271-5541

Ofc. Matthew Wium
203 271-5544

Crime Investigation

Det. Dennis Boucher
203 271-5537

Det. Kerry Nastri
203 271-5533

Youth Officer

Det. Eric Tracy
203 271-5532

School Resource Officer

Ofc. Samuel DeCapua
203 271-5560

K-9 Officer
Ofc. Robert Regan

Drug Tip Line
203 271-5534



The Patrol Division, in addition to the traditional functions of a motorized patrol force, practices highly visible and proactive policing through officer-initiated activity. Officers patrol 32 square miles, 24 hours a day seven days a week. They also routinely provide support for the Traffic Division.

Patrol Car

Motorized patrols are enhanced by specialized units including Bicycle Patrol, ATV Patrol, and Motorcycle Squad.

  • The Bicycle Squad uses mountain bikes to easily increase the range that officers can patrol, allowing them access to Cheshire’s many parks and business areas. The Bicycle Squad has also proven to be a valuable tool during large events where crowd control is necessary.

  • The ATV Squad patrols the Town’s open space and problem spots that normal patrol vehicles cannot access. This program has proven itself to be a valuable tool in the Cheshire Police Department’s motorized fleet for crime prevention, crowd control, and safety enforcement.

  • The Motorcycle Squad officers are highly trained and experienced operators who add a flexibility to the division and allow a more rapid response to areas not easily accessed by a traditional police cruiser.

Police Car


Lt. Michael Strollo



Sgt. Kevin O'Donnell
Sgt. Brian Schechter
Sgt. Steven Jester
Sgt. Cara Fortier
Sgt. Michael Durkee
Sgt. Vincienzo Balcastro
Sgt. Jeffrey Falk

Ofc. Nikki Moore
Ofc. Shawn Patterson
Ofc. Carmine Calo
Ofc. Kevin Arrojado
Ofc. Lorin Webber
Ofc. Joseph Giampietro
Ofc. Kristian Johnson
Ofc. Jessica Wassil
Ofc. Devin Flood
Ofc. Gretchen Ovesny
Ofc. Vincent Nastri
Ofc. David Maliar
Ofc. Joshua McClelland
Ofc. Jose Rocha
Ofc. Tracy Gonzalez
Ofc. Michael Aquilino
Ofc. Adam Burwin
Ofc. Alysha Pirog
Ofc. Lester Zimnoch
Ofc. Paulo Ferreira
Ofc. Matthew Severo

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